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Home » How To Enter Motorola Moto G X1032 In Recovery Mode? (Kitkat)

How To Enter Motorola Moto G X1032 In Recovery Mode? (Kitkat)

Image Credit: Motorola Inc.

Hi guys, greetings! Today I am going to help you in entering your favourite Android Smartphone the Motorola Moto G X1032 into the Recovery Mode running on KitKat 4.4.2 and 4.4.4 firmware. This tutorial is written, keeping in mind the top non techie (lol!) in the world, so don’t worry this will be very easy for all of you. Also this tutorial is compatible with all the Motorola Moto G variants like Motorola Moto G X1032, Motorola Moto G, Motorola Moto G Forte, Motorola Moto G Grip, Motorola Moto G 4G, Motorola Moto G LTE, Motorola Moto G Ferrari Edition and Motorola Moto G Dual SIM.

Steps To Enter Motorola Moto G X1032 Into The Recovery Mode

1. First you need to switch off your Motorola Moto G X1032 to enter it in “Recovery Mode“.

2. Now in the power down status press and hold “Volume Down” and “Power” button for around 5 seconds and release power button to get the below screen.

3. Here you can use “Volume Up” button for selection and “Volume Down” for scrolling through the options.

4. Now press “Volume Down” button once and press “Volume Up” button, and you will see the Motorola logo on you  Motorola Moto G, please refer the below screen print for reference.

5. After this your device’s screen will turn off and you will see a similar screen like the one given below,

6. Once you are in the above screen press and hold the “Power” and “Volume Up” buttons for 5 seconds and release the power button to see the below screen,

That’s it guys your Motorola Moto G is now in the Android Recovery Mode, here you can do what ever you wanted to do like “apply update from sdcard“, “apply update from ADB“, “wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition” etc.

If you have faced any issues while entering your Motorola Moto G X1032 into android recovery mode don’t hesitate, please feel free to post it in the comment section below, don’t worry I will help you as fast I can.

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