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How to Stop Google Discover News Feed On Android 12?

This tutorial is those for who doesn’t see the all new Google Discover news feed feature on Android 12 users that welcoming, if so we will obviously help you to disable it.

What is Google Discover News Feed on Android 12?

Many of you already know that the Google Discover news feed is the old wine in a new bottle. Yes it is the same old Google Now with some additional beauty addons like descriptions, weather info, etc.

In addition, based on the category you have selected you will get updates which is not limited to not just news but whatever you select. Even though Google Now doesn’t had that much features as Google Discover the latter one is still the favorite of many Android users.

Steps to disable/deactivate/stop Google Discover news feed on an Android 12 Smartphone

The Google Discover News Feed can be disabled from two places which is from the Google app and the browser. For the ease of executing the steps I am going to give them separately.

To disable on browser (in 4 easy steps,Chrome)

 As this feature is not available for all countries and languages do not panic if the below options are missing on your Android phone.

  1. To disable Google Discover news feed please go to on your Android Smartphone Chrome browser app.
  2. Once done please find the Menu which is located at the top left side of your Chrome app. Now tap on Settings.
  3. In the next step go to Discover-> Enable Don’t show on homepage.
  4. When done, Turn Off personalization in Discover.

To disable on Google app (in 3 easy steps)

The Google Discover News Feed can also be disabled from the Google app. For that;

  1. First you need to open the Google application on your Android 12 Smartphone.
  2. Once done, from top right corner, tap on your Profile picture and tap on Settings.
  3. In the Settings option please go to General and there Turn Off Discover.

Hope this tutorial helped!

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  1. Well if I swipe right still this ***tty google thing shows up. It only says ” discover is disabled”


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