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How To Hard/Factory Reset All LG Android Smartphones?

This tutorial will help you to factory reset LG Smartphone.

Image Credit: LG Electronics

Steps to Hard/Factory Reset A LG Android Smartphone

1. First please switch of your LG Android Smartphone.
2. When in the power down state press and hold the power button and vol down button at the same time.
3. Once you see the LG logo on your phone screen release the power button and volume down button for 1 second. After 1 second press and hold both the power button and volume down button again.
4.  Please note that before factory resetting you need to take a complete backup of your phone data because this process will delete all your personal data. If you are sure that you have made a complete backup of your phone, please press “yes” to factory reset your LG smartphone.

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b. LG G3 (CDMA), LG G3, LG L35, LG Volt, LG G Pad 10.1 LTE, LG G Pad 10.1, LG G Pad 8.0, LG G Pad 7.0, LG L80, LG L80 Dual, LG Lucid 3 VS876, LG L65 Dual D285, LG G Pad 8.3 LTE, LG F70 D315, LG G2 mini LTE (Tegra), LG G2 mini LTE, LG G2 mini, LG L90 Dual D410, LG L90 D405, LG L70 D320N, LG L70 Dual D325, LG L45 Dual X132, LG L40 D160, LG L40 Dual D170, LG G Pro 2, LG Optimus L4 II Tri E470, LG Optimus L1 II Tri E475, LG Optimus F3Q, LG GX F310L, LG Nexus 5, LG G Flex, LG Fireweb, LG G Pro Lite, LG G Pro Lite Dual, LG Optimus L2 II E435, LG Vu 3 F300L, LG G Pad 8.3, LG G2, LG Optimus L9 II

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