All Huawei Android Smartphone Secret Codes/Hidden Menu

This tutorial will list out all the Huawei Android Smartphone Secret Codes and hidden menu codes.

A preface to the article

Huawei android smartphones are the most popular ones after Samsung and iPhone as per the latest market studies. This Chinese mobile phone manufacturer has a wide range of phones from the cheapest to the premium ones at a very affordable pricing. The Huawei Smartphones are the favorite among the developing markets because of it’s unbeatable price tag.

But today rather than going through it’s specs and features deeply, lets have a look at the Huawei Smartphone secret codes here. If you are not aware about the android secret codes or hidden menu please read the description given below.

What are secret codes?

Secret codes are hidden codes which provide you with additional information or settings which you cannot do normally. These codes are meant for debugging and engineering purpose only so please proceed with caution.

How to enter secret code on Huawei Android Smartphone?

The answer is very simple, you can use the normal dialer keypad of your phone for that.

So just type the codes on your dialing screen and it will just execute if it’s compatible with your Huawei Smartphone. In some cases you may need to tap the “Call” button after entering the code.

Below are the complete list of Huawei Smartphone Secret Codes and Hidden Menu codes. If there is any code I missed in your knowing please post in the comment section below.


Warning: Some codes given here provides you just some additional info about your phone while some will enable you to edit some settings which is other vice not possible during normal operation. Please don’t change anything without knowing what is it. is not liable for any damage caused as a result of executing these codes. Kindly proceed at your own risk.

All Huawei Smartphone Secret Codes and Hidden Menu codes

  • *#*#1357946#*#* – For EMUI version, Serial no, Product ID
  • *#*#2846579#*#* – For Background Settings, Veneer information, Network Information Query, Software Upgrade, Restore Factory and Battery Charge information
  • *#*#6130#*#* – For Phone information, Usage statistics and Wireless Information
  • *#*#2846#*#* – MMI Audio Simple test
  • *#2846# – MMI Menu Normal test
  • *#*#4636#*#* – Phone Information, Usage and Battery
  • *#06# – IMEI Number
  • *#12580*369# – Complete Software and Hardware Info
  • *#9090# – Diagnostic Configuration
  • *#872564# – USB Logging Control
  • *#9900# – System Dump Mode
  • *#301279# – HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu
  • *#7465625# – View Phone Lock Status
  • *#0*# – Enter Service Menu
  • *#*#34971539#*#* – Detailed Camera Information
  • *#*#273282*255*663282*#*#* – Backup All Media Files
  • *#*#232339#*#* – Wireless LAN Test
  • *#*#197328640#*#* – Enable Test Mode for Service
  • *#*#0842#*#* – Back-light Test
  • *#*#2664#*#* – Test the Touchscreen
  • *#*#0842#*#* – Vibration Test
  • *#*#1111#*#* – FTA Software Version
  • *#*#232338#*#* – Shows WiFi MAC address
  • *#*#1472365#*#* or *#*#1575#*#* – GPS test
  • *#*#232331#*#* – Bluetooth test
  • *#*#2664#*#* – Touch screen test

Compatibility List

Please note that this method is compatible on all Huawei Android Smartphones like Nova 4, P smart 2019, Enjoy 9, Watch Magic, Watch GT, Mate 20 RS Porsche Design, Mate 20 X, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20, MediaPad T5, MediaPad M5 lite, Y9 (2019), Mate 20 lite, P Smart+ 2019, Nova 3i, Nova 3, Watch 2 2018, Y5 Prime (2018), Y3 (2018), Y6 Prime (2018), Y6 (2018), Mate RS Porsche Design, P20 Pro, P20, P20 lite, Y7 Pro (2018), Y7 Prime (2018), Y7 (2018), Y9 (2018), MediaPad M5 10 (Pro), MediaPad M5 10, MediaPad M5 8, P smart, Nova 2s, Mate 10 Porsche Design, Mate 10 Pro, Mate 10, Mate 10 Lite, P9 lite mini, MatePad Pro 10.8 (2019), Mate X, Y9s, Nova 5z, Enjoy 10s, Enjoy 10, Mate 30 RS Porsche Design, Mate 30 Pro 5G, Mate 30 Pro, Mate 30 5G, Mate 30, Watch GT 2, Nova 5i Pro, Enjoy 10 Plus, Nova 5T, MediaPad M6 10.8, MediaPad M6 Turbo 8.4, MediaPad M6 8.4, Nova 5 Pro, Nova 5, Nova 5i, Y9 Prime (2019), P20 lite (2019), P Smart Z, Mate 20 X (5G), P30 Pro, P30, P30 lite, Nova 4e, Y5 (2019), Enjoy 9e, Enjoy 9s, Y Max, MediaPad M5 Lite 8, Y6 Pro (2019), Y6 (2019), Y7 (2019), Y7 Prime (2019), Y7 Pro (2019), Y5 lite (2018), Y9a, Enjoy 20 Plus 5G, Enjoy 20 5G, MatePad 10.8, MatePad T 10s, Enjoy Tablet 2, Children’s Watch 4X, Enjoy 20 Pro, Enjoy Z 5G, P Smart S, Y8p, P40 lite 5G, P30 Pro New Edition, MatePad T8, Y8s, Y6p, Y5p, P smart 2020, Nova 7 Pro 5G, Nova 7 5G, Nova 7 SE, MatePad 10.4, Watch GT 2e, Enjoy 10e, P40 Pro+, P40 Pro, P40, P40 lite E, P40 lite, MatePad Pro 10.8 5G (2019), Mate Xs, P30 lite New Edition, Y7p, Nova 7i, Y6s (2019), P smart Pro 2019, Nova 6 5G, Nova 6, Nova 6 SE, Nova 8 SE 4G, Enjoy 20e, Watch GT Runner, Watch Fit mini, Watch GT 3, Nova 9 Pro, Nova 9, Nova 8, P50 Pro, P50, Nova 8 SE Youth, Nova 8i, Mate 40 Pro 4G, Mate 40E 4G, Mate X2 4G, MatePad Pro 12.6 (2021), MatePad Pro 10.8 (2021), MatePad 11 (2021), Watch 3 Pro, Watch 3, Nova 8 Pro 4G, Mate 40E, P40 4G, Mate X2, Nova 8 Pro 5G, Nova 8 5G, Enjoy 20 SE, Nova 8 SE, Mate 40 RS Porsche Design, Mate 40 Pro+, Mate 40 Pro, Mate 40, Watch GT 2 Porsche Design, Mate 30E Pro 5G, Nova 7 SE 5G Youth, Y7a, P smart 2021, MatePad 5G, Honor Note 10, Honor 9N (9i), nova 3i, nova 3, Honor Play, Watch 2 2018, Honor 7s, Y5 Prime (2018), Y3 (2018), Honor 10, Y6 (2018), Mate RS Porsche Design, P20 Pro, P20, P20 lite, Honor 7A, Y7 Pro (2018), Y7 Prime (2018), Y7 (2018), Y9 (2018), Honor 7C, MediaPad M5 10 (Pro), MediaPad M5 10, MediaPad M5 8, Honor 9 Lite, P smart, nova 2s, Honor 7X, Honor View 10, Mate 10 Porsche Design, Mate 10 Pro, Mate 10, Watch 2 Pro, Honor 6C Pro, Mate 10 Lite, P9 lite mini, Honor 9, Y7 Prime, MediaPad M3 Lite 8, MediaPad T3 10, MediaPad M3 Lite 10, nova 2 plus, nova 2, Y6II Compact, MediaPad T3 8.0, MediaPad T3 7.0, Y7, Honor 6A (Pro), Y6 (2017), Y5 (2017), Y3 (2017), Honor 8 Pro, Watch 2 Classic, Watch 2, P10 Plus, P10, P10 Lite, P8 Lite (2017), Honor Magic, Enjoy 6s, Mate 9 Pro, Mate 9 Porsche Design, Mate 9, Honor V8, Fit, Enjoy 6, Honor Pad 2, Honor 6X, Honor Holly 3, MediaPad M3 8.4, nova plus, nova, MediaPad T2 10.0 Pro, MediaPad T2 7.0 Pro, MediaPad T2 7.0, G9 Plus, Honor Note 8, Honor 8, Honor 5A, MediaPad T1 7.0 Plus, MediaPad M2 7.0, Honor 5c, Y3II, Y5II, P9 lite, P9 Plus, P9, Honor Holly 2 Plus, MediaPad M2 10.0, Watch, Enjoy 5s, Mate 8, G7 Plus, Honor 5X, Y6 Pro, Nexus 6P, Mate S, Honor 7i, Y6, G8, Honor 7, MediaPad M2 8.0, Honor Bee, Y560, Y625, Honor 4C, P8lite ALE-L04, P8lite, P8max, P8, SnapTo, MediaPad X2, Y635, Y360, Ascend Y540, Ascend G628, Ascend Y520, Ascend Y221, Ascend GX1, Honor 6 Plus, Ascend Mate7 Monarch, Honor 4X, Honor Holly, MediaPad T1 10, MediaPad T1 8.0, MediaPad T1 7.0, Honor 4 Play, Ascend G620s, Ascend Y550, Ascend G7, Ascend P7 Sapphire Edition, Ascend Mate7, Honor 3C Play, Honor 6, Honor 3X Pro, Honor 3C 4G, Ascend G535, Y300II, Ascend G630, Ascend Y330, Ascend Plus, Ascend P7, Ascend P7 mini, Ascend G730, Ascend Y600, MediaPad 10 Link+, Ascend G6 4G, Ascend G6, MediaPad M1, MediaPad X1, Ascend Y530, MediaPad 7 Youth2, Ascend P6 S, Ascend Mate2 4G, Ascend Y320, Ascend Y220, Honor 3X G750, Honor 3C, Ascend G740, Ascend Y511, Ascend W2, G6153, G3621L, Honor 3, Ascend G700, G610s, U8687 Cronos, Ascend G525, MediaPad 7 Youth, MediaPad 7 Vogue, Ascend P6, Ascend Y300, Premia 4G M931, Ascend Y210D, Ascend P2, Ascend G615, Ascend G526, Ascend G350, Ascend G312, Ascend W1, Ascend Mate, Ascend D2, Ascend G510, Ascend G500, Ascend Y201 Pro, MediaPad 10 Link, Honor 2, Ascend Y, Summit, Ascend P1 LTE, Fusion 2 U8665, Ascend G600, Ascend G330, MediaPad 7 Lite, Ascend Y100, Ascend Y200, Ascend G330D U8825D, Ascend G300, Ascend P1 XL U9200E, Ascend P1, Ascend Q M5660, G6005, G6800, G6310, G5000, Activa 4G, G5520, G6609, Fusion U8652, MediaPad 10 FHD, Ascend D1 XL U9500E, Ascend D1, Ascend D quad XL, Ascend D quad, Ascend P1s, M886 Mercury, G7300, G7005, MediaPad, MediaPad S7-301w, D51 Discovery, U8520 Duplex, T8300, U8350 Boulder, Impulse 4G, Pillar, U8860 Honor, U8850 Vision, Ascend II, U8800 Pro, G7206, U5510, G5500, G6620, U8650 Sonic, U8180 IDEOS X1, G6608, G7010, U5900s and IDEOS S7 Slim.

If you have faced any issues while trying to execute the secret codes on your Huawei Android Smartphone, please don’t hesitate, feel free to post it in the comment section below, don’t worry I will help you as fast I can.

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10 thoughts on “All Huawei Android Smartphone Secret Codes/Hidden Menu”

  1. Hello! First of all, thank you for this information, it was very helpful. I have a Huawei P20 Lite in very good conditions. My cell has almost no space left and a friend recommended to use *#9900# to access Memory Dump so I could get rid of some stuff to free some space. Unfortunately, nothing happens after I input the code “*#9900#”. Its as if the phone does not recognize the code as an actual code, so it stays there waiting for me to press Call or something.
    Any ideas?

  2. If the code works it will just execute. You don’t have to tap the call button. However all the codes may not work on all models. It depends upon carrier lock status, firmware version etc..

  3. After my Huawei P smart pro 2019 uzdate, stop working accelerometer. Phone don’t feel my movments. Step counter not working, pictures not turning.

  4. Sur mon Nova 5T (YAL-L21) de 2020, impossible d’avoir lm’ID-produit avec le code * # * # 1357946 # * # *, j’obtiens une page blanche. Comment faire car je voudrai aussi déverrouiller le bootloader

  5. Hi, the codes *#*#4646#*#* and *#*#6130#*#* to access my phone info did not work on my p30 pro amber sunrise. Do you have other alternative codes to access the phone info for my unit.

  6. Hej! Thanks for the good job you are doing!
    I have a Huawei p30 pro, and the codes
    *#12580*369# and
    Are not working.
    What I really wanted is to know my battery serial number. I hope you can help me!
    Arrigo Sdogati

    1. Hello i have a concerned about the codes you posted this *#*#4646#*#* and *#*#6130#*#* how to access my phone info did not work on my phone Huawei Nova 2i. Do you have other alternative codes to access the phone info for my unit.

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