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How To Enter Motorola Moto G (Moto G, G3, G4) Into Safe Mode?

Android “Safe Mode” is somewhat similar to it’s Windows counterpart. From this we can get conclusions about the health of your Moto G, G3, G4 phone if you enter into the Safe Mode and you can confirm that the issue is due to any installed apps or not.

What is Safe Mode In Android Smartphone?

Safe Mode is very similar to it’s Windows counterpart. In a Windows PC on Safe Mode the computer boots up with minimal software and hardware support which restricts the rouge softwares and viruses that cause hard time to it. Like that, in AndroidSafe Mode” your Smartphone boots up with the apps installed by default from the factory there by disabling all the others. This will help us to find out whether the issue you are facing is the result of a corrupted/infected application.

So how to enable this mode on your Motorola Moto G, G3 or G4? For that please continue reading.

Steps to boot into “Safe Mode” on Motorola Moto G, G3 or G4

1. To start with please switch of your Moto G3 completely. Once you are sure that it is completely in the power down status kindly switch it back on using the “Power” button. When you see the below logo on your phone release the power button. You may notice a slight vibration also when you get this screen.

2. Now press and hold the “Vol Down” button and keep it like that until your phone completely boots up. You may also notice the below animation when it’s going through the booting process which is absolutely normal.

The whole booting process may take half a minute or more and once done it will be booted into Android “Safe Mode” with a text written on the lower left corner that says clearly “Safe Mode”.

That’s it guys you have successfully entered in Android “Safe Mode“, now closely inspect for the rogue app and let your phone be stress free.

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If you have faced any issues while trying to enter your Motorola Moto G3 into Safe Mode, please feel free to post it in the comment section below, don’t worry I will help you as fast I can.

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